Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


When and where will the conference take place?

The conference will take place from 26 June - 2 July 2023 in Prizren, Kosovo.  

Are the presentations going to be recorded and made publicly available after the conference?

Our main goal is to foster FOSS4G, and that means also making all the presentations available even to people that didn’t register in the first place. After the conference, the recorded talks will be published on our YouTube channel -  

Have you considered an hybrid online-face to face event?

At this point, we aim to have a normal, in-person event.  

I am not dedicated to geomatics, can I attend the Conference?

Yes, the conference is open to any public interested in geomatics, free software, maps, and communities.  

If I don’t develop or write code, is this conference for me too?

Yes, this event is for all kinds of people interested in sharing experiences about maps, from developers who write code to users of geomatics software, people who make decisions, researchers, students, and anyone who wants to learn, share and meet like-minded people.  

What activities will the Conference have?

The conference will have tracks full of talks, workshops, and community sprint activities. On the social side, we will host a Geochicas meeting, as well as many other activities.  

What are the venues named after?

The venue ITP stands for Innovation and Training Park in Prizren, where the conference will be held and accommodation will be available.  

How to get to Kosovo?

There are plenty of options to get to Kosovo, whether you wish to choose regular means of transportation or eco-friendly ones. Read our article to learn more about them:


I am presenting a workshop/talk, do I have to register?

Yes you have to register, there is no discount for presenters.  

How do I sign up to attend the Conference?

Registrations and ticket purchases will be made through an online system. For more information visit our Register section -

How do I sign up for workshops?

Workshop can be purchased on 4 different slots individually. Workshops can be purchased on 4 different slots individually. After checking the workshop schedule -, we recommend registering as soon as possible.  

If I already bought my ticket, how can I get an invoice / receipt for my payment?

If you already bought your ticket, the receipt will be sent to you by email. If you need an invoice please contact us register @ foss4g . org

Can I go without registration?

The event will be only accessible to registered users.

I need a certificate of my attendance at the event, will they be delivered?

Yes. We will be sending certificates after the end of the event via email. We ask for your patience, we will do our best to get it to you as soon as possible.

What is included in the ticket?

The cost of the conference ticket includes admission to all the main tracks (excluding workshops) and social events like Ice Breaker, Gala Dinner, Closing Reception.
You can see the details on the schedule published at the website.

Will you deliver T-shirts or conference material?

All participants will receive a complementary conference T-shirt and a tote bag.  

Cancellation policy

The cancellation should be directed to the in writing only. The registration fees of 25% administrative charges will be held by the organizers if the cancellation is announced before May 30, 2023. After this date no refund will be possible. Refunds will be processed and issued 60 days after the congress.

Unexpected cancellation of the event or impossibility to hold it

In the unlikely case that the FOSS4G 2023 cannot be held in whole or in part due to any event beyond the Organisers’ control or force majeure (such as riot, fire, explosion, accident, flood, earthquake, sabotage, strikes, pandemic, acts of any government, etc.) the Congress Organisers cannot be held liable for any damage, cost, or loss incurred, such as registration fee or any other direct or indirect loss or consequential damage.  


Are food and accommodation included in the professional and corporate registration fees?

Accommodation in the venue should be booked separately, but food is included in the registration fee. The registration fees include the three-day conference (plenary session, conference tracks, meal, coffee breaks), Gala Dinner, Ice Breaker, Closing Reception and a welcome goodie bag.  

If I’m self-paid, can I stay in the same place as the sponsored attendees?

Yes, use the conference website to choose that option while registering.  

I have someone accompanying me, do they need to register as well?

The accompanying persons need to be registered in the following cases: To participate in the conference; If they wish to sleep at the FOSS4G accommodation facilities; If they want to eat at the venue.  


Please note that everyone is welcome to attend, and we encourage accompanying friends or family that might have any interest in joining our community to register for the conference, too! Childcare service will not be available during FOSS4G 2023.  

What are the options to get around?

The venue is located around 20 minutes from the city center by walking. You can use the local buses or a taxi which will cost around 2.5 to 3 EUR  


I need directions to the venue.

You can find useful information on how to get to the venue here - If you use a taxi from Prishtina airport: Emphasize “Prizren” as the city of Prishtina has a “Ukë Bytyçi” road, Some handy phrases: “Te Kampi Gjerman” is ITP and “Qender” is the center.  

Where can I find a map of the venue & surrounding area?

A map of the venue can be found on our website -  

How safe are the rooms? Can I leave my stuff there?

The venue and the conference rooms will be used only by FOSS4G attendees. Regarding the accommodation facilities, two people will share a room. Rooms are lockable.  

Where can I smoke?

Only outside. The park has a wide garden.  

Where can I park my car/van / RV?

Inside the venue park. The venue is surrounded by walls and has security guards.  

What else to bring?

Personal toiletries, such as toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, towels, hair dryer, and (optionally) slippers. The venue provides basic bedding (bed sheets, blanket, pillow). Earplugs if you’re sensitive to your roommates’ noise. Sunscreen if you plan to enjoy the outdoors. Power adapter, Kosovo uses European Type-F (“Schuko”) sockets at 220V. Light shoes to walk around the venue. The ground is only gravel in some places and there are inclines; simple sandals might be not good enough.  


What are the payment options in local shops and restaurants?

Credit cards are supported in supermarkets. Small shops take cash only. Restaurants usually take cards while most of the coffee shops may take either cash or credit card. The currency is Euro.  

Is tap water drinkable?

Yes, the tap water in many cities in Kosovo, including Prizren, is generally considered safe to drink. There will also be water dispense on the premises. We encourage you to refill water bottles.  

Which are the suggested restaurants and pubs in Prizren?

Some of the best restaurants in Prizren can be found here, and some of the most vibrant and lively pubs can be found here  

Is there any Pub that works 24 hours?

Yes, the one and only Pub that works 24 hours, will be FOSS4G Pub at the Main Building.  

Are there ATMs I can use?

There are multiple ATMs in the city of Prizren. You can use a maps app to locate them.  

SIM cards

You can buy a SIM card at the Ipko selling stores - There is one at Pristina Airport (PRN) open 8-20. You will need to bring a passport to buy a SIM.

IPKO has 2 pre-paid packages:

Diaspora 2: 10GiB, 500mins, 500 SMS for 20 days for €20.20 Diaspora 3: 20GiB, 1000mins, 500 SMS for 30 days for €30.20

SIM cards from Western Balkan countries have free roaming among each other, so you can pick one up in a neighboring country and it should work in Kosovo.

APN: ipko If you need to activate your SIM Card, dial 049 700 700  

Power plugs and adapters

Power plugs and sockets are of type F. The standard voltage is 230 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz.  

Forecast Weather

End of June and beginning of July fall during summer, so the temperature will relatively range from 32-36 degrees Celcius.  


Is there a medical store or drugstore nearby?

There are plenty of pharmacies near the venue, which you can find on maps. Furthermore, there will be an ER doctor on the premises ready to provide first-aid care if needed.  

How much would a doctor’s visit cost for a cold, cough, or something simple like that in case the medicines need a medical prescription?

It will cost around 15 euros if you go to a public hospital, while at a private one around 45 euros.  


I’m concerned about security. How should I behave?

Kosovo is a fairly safe country. Summer festivals and international events in Kosovo are usually very safe and inclusive towards many groups, such as the LGBTIQ+ community, as is FOSS4G 2023. There are also a lot of people from the community living and working in Kosovo and the number of incidents is relatively low. Women can travel alone and there aren’t any specific laws against the LGBTIQ+ community. Nevertheless, there is a level of homophobia and transphobia among the population, accompanied by verbal harassment, which participants from the community should be prepared for. Queer relationships are still taboo in Kosovo and some partners might view public display of affection as dangerous in Kosovo. It is advised that LGBTIQ+ participants stay close to the conference venue and close to the group during day trips and visits to the city center.