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Registration fee includes


FOSS4G Conference (28-30 June)

Access to 3 conference days (plenary session, conference tracks, meal, coffee breaks), Ice breaker event on 28 of June, Gala Dinner on 29 of June.  

Workshops (26 & 27 June)

Workshops are held in 2 and 4 hours format. Experienced community members guide participants in a hands-on manner through the secrets of the presented project. Everyone is invited to use her/his own computer and bring back home all of her/his achievements.

The cost is related to a single workshop  

FOSS4G 2023 Community Sprint (1 & 2 July 2023)

The community sprint is a camp to which everyone is invited to participate and contribute with her/his point of view, ideas, open mindset and positive aura. This year, seasoned community members are invited to donate time for welcoming new members and introduce them to different projects or guide them through the setup of the development environment or translation tools and get started on their FOSS4G journey. Beverages and lunch are provided to support participants. Please register soon (important for better planning). (https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/FOSS4G_2023_Community_Sprint)    


The cancellation should be directed to the register@foss4g.org in writing only. The registration fees of 25% administrative charges will be held by the organizers if the cancellation is announced before May 30, 2023. After this date no refund will be possible. Refunds will be processed and issued 60 days after the conference.

Unexpected cancellation of the event or impossibility to hold it

In the unlikely case that the FOSS4G 2023 cannot be held in whole or in part due to any event beyond the Organisers’ control or force majeure (such as riot, fire, explosion, accident, flood, earthquake, sabotage, strikes, pandemic, acts of any government, etc.) the Conference Organisers cannot be held liable for any damage, cost, or loss incurred, such as registration fee or any other direct or indirect loss or consequential damage.

Other events


Business to Business

It will take place on June 27 2023 The fee, is € 50,00

The fee includes the participation to the B2B event including a presentation by sponsors and a standing dinner where you have a chance to meet potential clients and partners. Each sponsor will also be able to invite one or more of their customers to participate to the B2B event according to the sponsorship level.  

Social programme

Important! Attendance to the social programme is subject to registration. Non-registered participants will not be allowed to attend.

The social programme of FOSS4G conference (28 - 30 June):

  • Ice Breaker Event - Wednesday, June 28, 2023 - 18:00-21:00
    Food and drinks will be offered to all registered participants in front of the Exhibition Area.
  • Gala Dinner - Thursday, June 29, 2023 - 19:00
    A seated and standing dinner will be organized at the Outdoor Stage within Innovation and Training Park Prizren.
  • Closing Reception - Friday, June 30, 2023 - 18:00 All members of the FOSS4G association, friends and interested parties are cordially invited to afternoon drinks at the end of FOSS4G 2023 from 17:00 at the Main Building.