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Workshops 2023 schedule

Please find workshop schedule below.

If you want to register for workshops in the conference here is the link

There are in total 4 slots of workshops, two on the 26th of June and two on the 27th of June, on which there are 10 available rooms. Each room has one or two workshops during one slot.

Your ticket (if you already booked) pre-determines the amount of slots you can register for. In this regard, you will need to choose the workshop/s that you want to participate in. If your ticket is limited to less than 4 slots, please leave empty the slots you will not participate in.

Registration is not mandatory, but is highly recommended, considering there will be rooms that will close due to chair limitations, and there are workshop authors that want to contact participants priorly for necessary preparations. Without a registration, we can not guarantee you will be able to take part in the workshop of your choice.

For more information regarding each workshop, their authors and the schedule, check here: Link or below.

If you still need a workshop ticket click