Workshop Info


Workshop Info


📣 Calling all #FOSS4G2023 participants! 🔗 Register now for the conference workshops and seize this opportunity to enhance your skills and knowledge. Click the link to secure your spot: REGISTER_FORM

🗓️ Mark your calendars for the workshop dates: June 26th and June 27th. We have a total of 4 slots with 10 available rooms, hosting incredible workshops by industry experts. You can choose your preferred workshops based on your ticket’s allocated slots.

While registration is not mandatory, we highly recommend it. Limited seating and necessary preparations require us to close certain rooms. By registering, you ensure your participation and enable workshop authors to reach out to you in advance.

📋 For detailed information about each workshop, their authors, and the schedule, visit:

Don’t miss your chance to make the most of #FOSS4G! 🌍🌿

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