Ensuring Your Safety at FOSS4G 2023


Ensuring Your Safety at FOSS4G 2023 - Update on Kosovo Current Events


Dear FOSS4G Community,

We acknowledge the concerns arising from the ongoing issues in Kosovo’s four northernmost municipalities, this time over access to municipal buildings, amplified by extensive foreign media coverage. It is important to clarify that these events are not unusual in this part of Kosovo and are not having any impact on the day-to-day life in the rest of Kosovo, including Prizren. In our safety guidance on our website we have already advised you to coordinate with us should you want to visit northern Kosovo as some visitors are curious.

The FOSS4G conference will be held in Prizren, located far from northern Kosovo. Despite the political frictions there, our cities are safe, vibrant, and foreigners are welcome. We want to assure attendees that these events do not affect the atmosphere or daily functioning of the rest of Kosovo

We will always prioritise the safety of our attendees. We commit to providing ongoing updates as necessary and look forward to hosting a secure and successful conference.



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