FOSS4G 2023 Visa Information - Deadline 10 April


FOSS4G 2023 Visa Information - Deadline 10 April

Planning to attend FOSS4G 2023 in Kosovo? 🥳

Attendees from countries need a visa, but don’t worry, FLOSSK has got you covered! 🤝 They’ll facilitate the visa process and issue a visa invitation letter, so you don’t have to visit a Kosovo Consulate. For more info on Kosovo’s visa policy, visit:

If your country is exempt, great! If you need a visa, approved FOSS4G 2023 participants can apply remotely for a visa in the Consulate General of the Republic of Kosovo in Istanbul, New York or Tirana.

April 10is the deadline to send the first 2 pages (bio details) of your scanned passport to visa.foss4g2023 @ along with Full Name, Date of Birth, Passport # and Country of Issue in the body of the email, and tell us whether you would like to apply in Istanbul, Tirana or New York. You need to be fully registered for attendance.

Please keep in mind that after April 10, FLOSSK can’t guarantee that you will be able to complete the process in time. For more info on the visa application process and required documents, visit: 🔎

Don’t let visa requirements hold you back from an unforgettable conference experience. Apply now! 🚨

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