Joint Statement


Joint Statement


Dear OSGeo community,

On behalf of FLOSSK - Free Libre Open Source Software Kosova - the Local Organizing Committee for FOSS4G 2023 together with OSGeo, we would like to address and clarify potential concerns as a result of the latest news regarding Kosovo. We would like to once again assure you that FOSS4G 2023 Prizren is organized and will run following the highest European standards of safety and wellbeing of its participants.

In the last weeks, news regarding political tensions in northern Kosovo have been published. The conflict has historic roots (similar to other conflicts internationally) in the context of ethnicity in a given territory. However, we would like to assure all FOSS4G 2023 supporters, participants and the OSGeo Community that life in Kosovo, and especially in Prizren, follows its normal vibrant flow. Numerous other international events, such as the DokuFest [] are planned in the coming months. Also, we would like to mention that FOSS4G 2023 carries strong support from the national government in Kosovo, through its ministries and agencies.

✅ We would like to reassure all FOSS4G 2023 participants and the OSGeo Community that the conference will run its ordinary course based on European safety and security standards.

🍀 Life in Prizren is currently flowing as smoothly, and as vibrantly as ever, thus we invite you to join in making FOSS4G 2023 great.

Joint Statement

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