Oslandia supporting FOSS4G 2023

Oslandia is a SME specialized in Opensource Spatial Data Infrastructures. We develop free software to manage data with a location. We provide support, training, consulting and development of open source Geographical Information Systems. Oslandia has a strong expertise on spatial databases, namely PostgreSQL/PostGIS. It is also dedicated to QGIS, a desktop GIS application, as well as 3D data applications, data pipelines, and a lot of other OpenSource components. Oslandia can offer you a full range of services around GIS and data management, implementing high-demanding IT architectures for your specific needs, using OpenSource technologies. We also have a strong commitment to R&D, and very active on topics like 3D data processing, huge database (BigData), LIDAR data processing, machine learning and AI applied to geospatial data, water management softwares, SmartCities and more. Get in touch with us to know more : infos@oslandia.com.