Quarticle sponsoring FOSS4G 2023

Quarticle is an innovative company founded to help organizations reach their full geolocation potential by managing, transforming, sorting, and interpreting geospatial data that is important to their business. We aim to revolutionize the GIS solution market by developing client-tailored products that use technologies at the intersection of Geoinformatics, Cloud Computing, and Remote Sensing.

At Quarticle, we designed and built the fastest geointelligence engine for the most demanding projects. Keeping our client’s needs at the storefront, we offer products that run any Open-Source GeoServer as-a-Service in the client’s preferred Environment (own Cloud, Public, Private, or Hybrid).

Our core competencies are Cloud Computing, GEO Software Development as well as Geodata Processing. We cover geodata engineering, software development, DevOps, and data analytics & science and love everything related to Open Source, Geoinformatics, Remote Sensing Data, and Product Development.