OSGeo.JP sponsoring FOSS4G 2023

The Open Source Geospatial Foundation Japan chapter (OSGeo.JP) is the official Japanese chapter of the OSGeo Foundation. Our mission is to promote the utilization and development of FOSS4G by the community.

To achieve this, OSGeo.JP actively organizes events, publishes translated documents, and collaborates with related communities.OSGeo.JP is also committed to promoting the utilization of open geospatial data in Japan.

Currently, a notable geospatial open data project is Project PLATEAU, which focuses on creating 3D city models as digital infrastructure for the future. By 2022, the 3D city model coverage is expected to expand to around 130 cities in Japan, with various stakeholders working together to develop an ecosystem for promoting open innovation in urban areas.

As this objective aligns with OSGeo.JP’s vision, we will continue to promote the development of FOSS4G and open data through the further utilization of 3D city models and other related technologies in collaboration with Project PLATEAU.