mundialis sponsoring FOSS4G 2023

At mundialis we work with free geodata and free software in the context of remote sensing. We generate spatial information while developing free and open source software. Both form the core of customised GIS solutions, which are implemented in a customer-oriented way. We work in a scientifically sound manner with regional, national and international project partners.
mundialis concentrates on the use of free geodata, such as the European Copernicus programme or Open Data offered by the federal states. From these huge amounts of data we generate spatial information in the form of maps and data products as well as web services. To do this, we develop innovative GIS and remote sensing methods using artificial intelligence and machine learning. We implement these in software individually designed according to customer requirements. The basis is the geoinformation system GRASS GIS and the cloud-based geoprocessing platform actinia, which we are continuously expanding and making available under free and open source licences. Equally important to us is the maintenance and publication of metadata for our data and services in openly accessible catalogues.