MapTiler sponsoring FOSS4G 2023

MapTiler provides data and software for building digital maps, which you can customize and integrate with websites and mobile apps. We provide maps API for developers and a map server for self-hosting, an on-premise solution for serving map tiles from MBTiles, GeoPackage, and PostGIS. At MapTiler we ♡ open source and believe in its importance to geographical systems.

  • In 2017, we started OpenMapTiles - the first truly open project for generating vector tiles, and we are still maintaining it now. The wider community is very active, with dozens of commits each month. In 2023 we proposed that OpenMapTiles become the default way to use OpenStreetMap as vector data and hope that this will happen soon.
  • We developed and maintain an open source QGIS plugin for the easy loading of vector maps and were one of the sponsors of vector tiles in QGIS. We have continued this effort, collaborating on the support of RGB terrain data in QGIS via the web.
  • MapTiler is also one of the founding members of the MapLibre community and a significant contributor.

If you want to learn more about our open source activities, come visit us in the exhibition space or attend one of our talks!

MapTiler will support your use of maps via API for web & mobile apps and desktop GIS software. There is a free tier for personal use, testing, and open source projects. If you maintain an open source project with maps and the free tier is insufficient, please contact us as we may be willing to support it with a higher plan for free.