Geobeyond sponsoring FOSS4G 2023

Geobeyond, established in 2012, is a dynamic company revolutionizing the digital identity and geospatial market within the ICT landscape. As avid supporters of open-source tools, we strive to create robust and cost-effective solutions for our clients. Our expertise lies in program management, WebGIS and API development for geospatial solutions, Spatial Data Infrastructure, Single Sign-On, and Identity and Access Management systems. We prioritize standards-based approaches to ensure seamless interoperability.

With a strong track record in geospatial solution development, Geobeyond excels in leveraging the capabilities of GeoNode, GeoServer, PostGIS, OpenLayers, MapStore, and pygeoapi. Our team offers comprehensive commercial support and core development services for GeoNode and pygeoapi, enabling organizations to unlock the full potential of these technologies.

Geobeyond proudly sponsors FOSS4G 2023, embracing the spirit of openness and collaboration that the event represents. Join us as we showcase our innovative solutions, share our extensive knowledge, and contribute to the vibrant FOSS4G community. Together, we can shape the future of geospatial technology!