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Side Events

Side events

QGIS - AMA | 27 June 11:00

QGIS Chairman Marco Bernasocchi and core developer Matthias Kuhn will be available for an hour to answer any QGIS-related questions. With the two of them, interested parties have access to over 20 years of combined expert knowledge in the development, use, and organization of QGIS and QGIS-based products. https://talks.osgeo.org/foss4g-2023/talk... continue reading

UN Open GIS initiative meeting | 27 June 16:00

The UN Open GIS Initiative is an ongoing Partnership Initiative for Technology in Peacekeeping of United Nations Department of Operational Support (UN DOS). It has been running by the United Nations Geospatial in the Office of Information and Communications Technology, UN DOS since March 2016. Who can participate UN Open GIS Initiative member.... continue reading