Give back and get involved!

FOSS4G 2023 has opened a call to select a group of volunteers that will help us stay organized throughout the conference and ensure all workshops, presentations, and events run smoothly.

Getting involved with the conference will give you a unique opportunity to soak up the atmosphere in a different way. You will be playing an integral part in making the event happen and have excellent opportunities for networking with a wide range of delegates while supporting the LOC.

You will not only help us make this experience more pleasant for everyone, but will have the opportunity to work closely with all our speakers, have a chance to meet like-minded individuals well noted in the open geospatial world, while having more than 50% of the time (when not covering shifts) of the whole duration of the event to attend talks and workshops and live this unique experience.

General information

Volunteers will be asked to work up to 20 hours throughout the conference. In exchange for their time, volunteers will have their registration fee reduced to 150 EUR. Additionally, we will cover your food and accommodation* during your stay.

*The accommodation covered in the volunteer program is preassigned accommodation by the Volunteer Committee, in a double room within the venue.

The purpose of the volunteer program for FOSS4G 2023 is to be able to provide need-based affordable attendance, while striving for diversity throughout the application review process.

Registration deadline

Registrations for volunteering will be accepted in two batches, based on the need to obtain a visa to enter Kosovo.

  1. If you need a visa to enter Kosovo, make sure to register and send needed documents before 10 April 2023. Check out Visa section page: After this, we will not be able to qualify you for the volunteer program, nor assist with visa documents.

  2. If you do not need a visa to enter Kosovo, make sure to register before 10 May 2023.

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Accepted as a volunteer? What needs to be done?

You will be contacted by the Volunteer Committee and will be asked to sign a simple agreement on the duty with FLOSSK* and be added to a telegram group that we will use for internal coordination before and during the conference.

Throughout the conference, there will be a series of 3, 4, and 1 hour volunteer shifts. Volunteers will be able to sign up for the available shifts that work best for them, but in order to receive the reduced registration fee a volunteer must sign up for a minimum of 15 hours and up to 20 hours in total. Shift assignments are on a first-come, first-serve basis once the sign-up is released.

Volunteers will be assuming different roles or positions for each shift they sign up for. A brief description of each of the positions we are looking for throughout the conference are below. Please make sure to arrive between 30 min before your shift starts.

  • Entrance/Registration/Information
    Stationed at the registration desk: Main duties include signing in attendees, distributing name tags and conference materials, and providing answers to any questions attendees may have. Friendliness is a must. Knowledge of the local area is a plus.
  • Conference Room Maintenance
    Stationed at one of the conference rooms: Main duties include supporting presenters in setting up their presentations and making sure they run smoothly, troubleshooting any technical issues in the conference room, and providing general support and guidance to attendees.
  • Workshop Maintenance
    Stationed at the workshop location on Monday, June 26 and/or Tuesday, June 27: Main duties include providing guidance and directions to workshop attendees as to the location of their workshop and helping presenters troubleshoot any technical issues.
  • Social Events/Ticket Collector
    Stationed between the conference and the extracurricular event or at the event itself: Main duties include providing directions to help attendees get to the event and collecting tickets at the start of the event.
  • Accommodation
    Stationed between the registration desk and the housing inside the venue: Main duties include providing directions to help attendees get to the assigned rooms, explaining housing rules and regulations, and providing general support regarding housing.
  • Support
    Stationed at specific key locations throughout the conference venue: Main duties include offering directions and answering any questions attendees may have. May also be called upon if needed at any other station for extra support or backup.
  • Setup/Take Down Staff
    Stationed at the conference or workshop venue: Main Duties include working before/after the event to help properly set up or put away everything.

*Organizer of FOSS4G 2023, Prizren - FLOSSK

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